CONVENIENT FOODS: are they convenient for our health?


Healthy eating usually comes from self-love and consistency. If you plan to lose weight, have a healthier life, love yourself a little bit, and be consistent with reduced eating active daily exercises. This kind of behavioural change needs self-awareness on food, exercise and social support.

It js the food very unfortunately around us are very convenient to handle, eat or consume mindlessly as long as they taste good, cheap, available next to us every day, hard to reduce or stop eating these kinds of food. If you love yourself, avoid eating the food you love, move on from your comfort zone, and exercise more.

These two things on the healthy eating plans are essential, self-love and consistent 30 minutes of exercise a day with social support.

Because eating convenient food and remaining sessile in your comfortable zone kind of lifestyle is not convenient for our health anymore. So if we want to stay healthy and eat clean, be aware to love ourselves so that eat healthily and live active consistently.

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