General about Gedena Organics:

Gedena Organics is an online-only private platform initiated to help and consult operators in the agricultural and food sectors locally, regionally, and globally. Gedena Organics takes its name, GEDENA (Tigrinya word) and Organics (English). Tigrinya is one of the main languages in Eritrea and Tigray -Northern Ethiopia. “Gedena” means production site around the house. The production management system is related to the natural and chemical-free – uncertified Organic but very very safe and natural. Joining these two words the name is generated as GEDENA ORGANICS (GO-BIO).


The platform will benefit smallholding farm or business operators on the how-to farm, sell or market their fresh produce or minimally processed products on the local, regional and international markets. GO-BIO is not limited to production or marketing but also to the digital world. The use of technological tools in farming and distribution and business. Small-scale farmers, retailers, and wholesalers of agricultural produce and food products will benefit from the services on best practices on production, handling, processing, and manufacturing management systems, quality and safety maintenance, and marketing and trading. Additionally, this platform will serve to assist to use data for informed business decisions , networking and exchange of data or information management systems in the agri-food sector.

Organic management Systems

Organic management operators in the food chain on the acceptable agronomic practices to farmers, good manufacturing practices for processors and handling and quality & safety standards and certifications when dealing with fresh and minimally processed food/ skin products for the wholesalers and retainers, certification and importing and exporting requirements and management and healthy and happy eating or consumptions at the final consumer ends.

Gedena organics’ primary focus is on the African current and future conditions and EU diasporas intending to import organic and locally grown healthy food/ skincare products from African to European Markets.

Applied Data Science and Digital Agriculture

Data Science is a booming field and several sectors and data-driven decision making are becoming by no means a choice but a must. Therefore, Gedena Organics also takes this field as the most modern and relevant topic to include in its present and future objectives.

Latest articles related to Data Science and digital agriculture would be shared. Links or files that would help to understand the learning journeys of data science would be covered. The platform would only be as storage of relevant information, latest updates and latest published articles on data science-related topics as well.

N.B: This website and article are still under development, so any mistakes or irrelevant documents or information shared here would continuously be updated.

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